Mini-Symposium: Insect-Inspired Robots

Dear friends of NeuroRobotics,

as some of you already know – in the context of Barbara Webb ‘s visit to Berlin – we will organize a small meeting thematically revolving around neural modelling and neuro-robotics.

This “mini-symposium” will take place

Monday, Feb 16th, 9:30 – 12:00, in the kitchen/conference room of Arnimallee 7

Scheduled speakers (20 min max.) are:

  • Joachim Haenicke (modelling of classical conditioning in honeybees)
  • Rinaldo Betkiewicz (modelling of olfactory coding in insects)
  • Benjamin Wild, Dennis Schmoldt (neural control of and learning models in robots)
  • Jurek Müller (analysis of elementary neural processing units)

We look forward to seeing and discussing with you! 

New photos of NeuroRover

Our exclusive lab photographer Jon took some marvellous shots of NeuroRover, our small tank robot that uses honeybee brain structures to learn its environment.

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